Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ding Dong the Rahm is Gone.

So Rahm Emanuel has formally quit his job as chief of staff for Obama. I for one couldn't be happier for the president. It has been noted (here and here and here) that Rahm is sort of a jerk to everyone he comes in contact with and there are a lot of rumors going around saying that a lot of the tension between congress and the president has come from Emanuel's abrasive personality and management style.

It seems that the main reason for Rahm's leaving has more to do with his desire to be the mayor of Chicago than anything else though. Since he was a congressman several years ago, and now as the chief of staff to the president, there really isn't any question about his capabilities of handling the actual job. But will he be good for Chicago? That I'm not so sure about. If he keeps up the trend of pissing off people in power there now he may have a tough time getting elected. But it is Chicago. It's a rough and tumble city so who knows? Maybe he is perfectly suited for the job.

Interesting fact: Rahm's brother, Ari Emanuel, is actually the person Jeremy Piven's character on Entourage is based off of. Looooooyyyd!