Saturday, October 2, 2010

In defense of Meg Whitman

If you've been following the Gubernatorial campaign out in California then you might have heard about Meg Whitman's little problem with hiring an illegal immigrant and then subsequently firing her when she realized that the employee was indeed illegal (over a year ago by the way). Her ex-housekeeper has gone so far as to hire noted lawyer and spawn of Satan, Gloria Alred and plans on filing a lawsuit against Ms. Whitman.

This is purely a political move. Ms. Whitman let her housekeeper go when it was discovered that she had filed improperly with the government as to her status as an illegal alien and the law is clearly on her side when it comes to this issue. In fact, the agency that contracted the housekeeper has recently come out saying that they were deceived by the woman.

In my opinion this is nothing but a dirty trick by the democrats and it seems to be working. No there is no real proof of that but it is waaaay to well timed to be anything else. The coverage has gotten three times as much as Rham Emanuel stepping down from his post as chief of staff and a lot of the news has ignored many of the actual facts of the case.

On top of this Gloria Alred may be in trouble for putting her client in danger. Because the woman is an illegal immigrant, that press conference puts her in danger of being jailed or deported. Now the law may work in Alred's favor but that remains to be seen.

This "scandal" is probably going to have far reaching consequences for Whitman. Given the high percentage of Latino's in California, it is likely going to erase whatever support she had from that community. In the end I think California is looking at a new a democrat governor. Will this be good for them? I'm not sure. The policies that have nearly bankrupted the state are due to liberal policies and while many can make the argument that Schwarzenegger is a RINO, he still has some conservative values that keep things in check. With a liberal Governor in place there could be problems ahead for the state.


  1. meg whitman did okay in the debates, not great. im still undecided though lol

  2. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  3. We are screwed any way....Jerry Brown or Med W.....Fuck me....

  4. This is a complete smear attempt and it's attention from the media only stereotypes the fact that the majority of the media is liberal. I live in California too and you wouldn't believe the bullshit that comes out of my local news "reporters" mouths.

  5. Fuck politics! If someone can't be arsed to do the legal paperwork properly then don't expect to get a simple job in the States. Or anywhere else in the world. I'm actually thinking about goin to the UK or Sweden to get a job, but can't do it without any preparations. Do it the right way or don't do it at all.

  6. these sorts of "scandals" really discourage me from following very much politics lately...