Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dem touts that he voted with Bush?

If you've never gone to Hot Air and seen resident blogger Allahpundit insightful posts, I highly recommend it. I've been reading his stuff for years now (why I remember when he used to have his own blog!) and he just gets better with age. Today he posted a great article and video about North Dakota democrat Earl Pomeroy airing an ad explicitly linking himself and his voting habits to George Bush. I defy any democrat to argue about this. And don't say that it's because he's in North Dakota, OK? To liberals this is tantamount to declaring your love of kicking puppies in order to gain votes. No this is a guy who has taken stock of the political wind and is desperately trying to save his own ass. Sadly behavior like this only points to a more likely rout by the republicans in November.

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