Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I freaking knew it!!

So today the dems to end this session of congress with tails between their legs and decided not to do anything about taxes. If you have happened across this blog before you've may have seen my post earlier regarding the cowardice the dems are displaying by turning their collective backs on this issue. I'm still not to sure how I feel about John Beohner (his tan is really unsettling) but he did make a very poignant comment on the floor of house today, saying that those who voted to adjourn were, "putting their elections above the needs of [their] constituents".

If we needed any evidence of that the vote tells a lot; it was a very close call to adjourn. 39 democrats voted no on the matter, indicating that they are pretty nervous towards their constituents potential electoral wrath.

My analysis probably mirrors everyone else. That this was a bad move on the dems part and only up-holds the narrative that they don't really care that much about the people and are more concerned about saving their own hide than actually helping people. Days like this only point further to a big republican gain come November.


  1. Hey man, if you haven't found them yet the basic plan layout is a few posts down on my blog -->

    We've modified it some, and probably will expand eventually, but this is the basis. A little of everything.

  2. very interesting hope to see more soon :D

  3. Meanwhile, Boehner voted no against the 9.11 health care bill today.

    Yet, Democratic Representatives still managed to get this bill passed today despite the Boehner and his collegues' opposition in a previous vote.

    The postponement of this vote until after the election only proves the Democrats are not going to let the Republicans lie about these tax cuts just to manipulate voters in November. Beohner is upset because he is not going to be allowed to put his political tax agenda before the needs of the middle-class and poor during this election season.

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