Monday, September 27, 2010

Why is Hugo Chavez still presidente?

Oh that's right, he's a dictator.

First off lets throw some disappointment to the celebrities that have gone to see this guy and support him. Kevin Spacey, Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, Oliver Stone, and various others have gone to visit this guy and prop up his socialist agenda without a bit of attention paid to the people that have been trampled on. Oh wait how could I forget Sean Penn! There seems to be some sort of bromance between those two. He's gone on multiple media outlets defending Chavez and in spite of all the news stories that point out Chavez's actions being extremely in line with any other dictator to ever exist, he's gone on to assert that it's the media that is spinning the story. Chavez has gone on to nationalize the farming industry, the oil industry and most importantly the telecommunications industry. Now you can make some arguments that the first to aren't so bad, but when you start cracking down on the public's means of communication..that's a dictator.

Frankly, the guys freaking insane on top of all this.

Have you ever tried to sit down and watch his talk show? Pure crazy. Charles Manson parole interviews are more put together. And on top of it the guy rants for like four hours at a time. While I can appreciate the stamina it takes to do that, no man should ever talk that much in a single shot. Not ever. This may sound misogynistic but women can't even do that. And it's been scientifically shown that women on average speak more words than men on a daily basis. (While that may still be up for debate I do remember studying this way back in psych classes in college so I'll assume it's fairly accurate).

And the sad part is that man's naked grabs for power have been almost gladly handed to him by the public, who on the whole are very uneducated and serve up a lot of promises, that as of right now have yet to come to fruition. It's why I'm very happy to read about the recent elections that took place and how they have the potential of shutting down his desire to be president for life. And while I'm on the subject, when has it ever been a good idea to hear a political leader talk about wanting to be in power for life? That should have been a HUGE red flag that this guy was a bad idea.

Anyway, the problem isn't just that Chavez is a loony dictator, its also the system that was in place to allow Chavez to exist and thrive. South American socialism is a different breed of socialism than we see in the European model. The Europeans have formed their version after thousands of years of oligarchies, various types of monarchies, failed democracies, and dictators of their own. They learned the hard way how to create a working socialist state. Now I will say that it is up for debate that the Europeans version of socialism is working but it is still pretty clear that it's a superior version compared to Chavez socialism. This guy has been dancing the line between tyranny and socialism and he's pretty much at the point of pop-in-lockin' over to full blown tyrant.

Honestly, why is this guy still in power and why haven't we really done anything to fix that?

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