Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reason number 252 why dems are being cowards

The news this past week has been all about the Bush tax cuts and will the democrats allow them to expire. As I'm sure you've read, Pelosi in all her wisdom, has decided to skip the tax issue completely this session of congress and pick it back up after the November elections. What's scary is news articles like this one from the Poltico. That's just an example but all the articles seem to consider the lame duck session after the elections. That's when the dems will be able to get away with murder. Sure they can be called lame duck, but frankly that is when the democrats will actually be at their strongest. With no fear of reprisal, most democrats will have no reason not to vote in lock-step and raise taxes or at the very least allow the tax cuts to completely expire.

This is a cowardly way of playing politics but sadly I feel that it is very likely to happen. Given the past behavior of this congress.

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