Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is it possible the media might be biased about this?

So I did a little research on Nexus Lexus today. Here's a fun fact I learned. When you cross-reference the words Harry Reid and Mormon in news articles you come up with a total of 788. Now what's interesting is if you cross-reference Mitt Romney and Mormon.

Guess what you get? Go on guess! Did you get 200?Well you'd be wrong! The correct answer would be an interrupted search because Nexus Lexus found over three thousand articles and decided to give up! That's 3-0-0-0. Almost four times as many articles.

But why? They both are (or were) high ranking politicians. Could it be that the media tends to slant more to the left and they find Mormonism to be a negative and therefore play it up more when it comes to Mitt Romney?

The only reason I bothered to search this in the first place is the fact that when my friend told me that Harry Reid is mormon I initially didn't believe them. I honestly have never heard it mentioned once in the press.

Just food for thought.

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